Health & Safety Policy

ALWAFY FOR Contracting Company shall establish, document, implement and maintain a Project Safety and Loss Prevention Plan in order to ensure effective control of project, to eliminate property damage, personal injuries or loss of life.

Safety and Loss Prevention Program shall be strictly adhered to by all ALWAFY personnel on or off the job.

The program was developed to provide the Management, Supervisors and Workers safety guidelines of Loss Prevention activities of our company.

Identified procedures and information are being essential for the protection of personnel and necessary to eliminate property damage Which would otherwise results to work disruption and loss on production.

The company has adopted positive approach in its Loss Prevention Program thus reflecting the basic framework and definitions of Saudi Arabian Government Laws and other Client's Safety and Loss Prevention Manual requirements .

The responsibility for the implementation of this program rest with the Project Managers, monitored and checked by the Project Safety Officers. ALWAFY personnel and staff are adhered to ctively support the implementation of the program by word and deed.